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Partnering with High Schools, our Transition Navigators meet with students twice a month to complete activities based on a transition curriculum. Small group activities, peer to peer discussions, formal presentation, and individual activities allow students the opportunity to learn how to identify their strengths and challenges and set life goals for the future.

Planning For Adult Life is Offering Live Virtual Learning Sessions for the Fall!

The Planning for Adult Life Program is pleased to offer FREE live virtual Making Action Plans sessions for high school students in special education. These "live" online classes will begin the week of July 6, 2021 and run through August 13, 2021.

Each class will last 50 minutes and include:

  • 5-minute ice-breaker activity
  • 5-minute review of the prior lesson
  • 25-minute skill-building (presentation of skill, discussion, and student practice)
  • 10-minute game playing/interactive activity
  • 5-minute feedback and assignment of generalization activity outside of the session. 

Sessions include a weekly student small group class over 10 weeks. There are a total of 10 group classes. 

Topics covered through the course of the summer will include: mapping your dreams, making decisions, internet safety, self-care, finding employment in a new world, staying fit, developing your leadership skills, etc.

Choose one group session with the times that work best for you:
PFAL 1: Mondays 
PFAL 2: Tuesdays
PFAL 3: Wednesdays
PFAL 4: Thursdays

All classes are offered from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.


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