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Planning for Adult Life

Planning for Adult Life is a statewide project funded by the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) to assist young adults (between the ages of 16-21) with developmental disabilities and their families in charting a life course for adulthood. We offer a variety of resources including Informational sessions, webinars, and resource guides/materials that address the following core areas:

  • Postsecondary Education/Employment
  • Housing
  • Legal/Financial Planning
  • Entitlement Programs and Eligibility
  • Self-Direction
  • Health/Behavioral Health
  • Building/Maintaining Community Ties and Friendships
  • Planning/Visioning a Life Course

For additional information about the activities related to this project, please contact:

Jerisa Maseko, jmaseko@arcnj.org

Theresa Smith, tsmith@caunj.org

Planning for Adult Life activities, events, and materials are conducted and developed in partnership with The Arc of New Jersey and Community Access Unlimited with funding from the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities.


  • Re: Assessment Webinar

    We are very sorry about the inconvenience caused by the cancellation of the webinar slated for 6 pm on Tuesday March 31st. DDD requested that we postpone the webinar due to changing information. We hope to reschedule very soon.

    A cancellation email was sent by GoToWebinar to every email of every registrant of the webinar at 4 pm. We were not notified until after the start of the webinar that the email may not have been sent to everyone who registered. We are sorry if this information was not sent or forwarded to you.

    Again, our sincere apologies for all the inconvenience this cancellation has caused.

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  • Click here to view the 2015 Graduates Aging Out of the School System: Steps to Accessing Services/Supports from the Division of Developmental Disabilities

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