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Understanding The Adult Service System


It is a whole new world when going from the school service system to the adult life course. Under the Adult system, services are not entitlements. The individual must qualify or be deemed eligible for services What the adult service system can offer: Assessments/Evaluations Assistance with goals/objectives related to adult life Job Development & Coaching Resources & Information Support & Advocacy There is a vast variety of sources that can provide support or meet the support needs of the individual. Investigate to find all the resources in your community in order to put the best plan in place for your child’s unique needs.

Community Resources And Supports

Most communities offer an array of services that may meet the needs of people with I/DD and their families

  • Skills groups, Interests groups, Gifts – what does the individual like to do for fun, is good at, is interested in?
  • Places – where does the individual work, have fun, run errands?
  • Groups/Organizations – what clubs, groups, organizations is the individual involved with?

State Agencies

These are just a few resources that are provided by state funding. These agencies can provide information and referrals to connect you with local county and city resources

  • Division of Disability Services (DDS)- serves as a single point of entry for people with disabilities who need information and/or services within the human services system.
  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS)- provides vocational training and job placement to individuals with disabilities.
  • Commission for the Blind & Visually Impaired (CBVI)- provide services in the areas of education, employment, independent living and eye health through informed choice and partnership with persons who are blind or visually impaired, their families and the community.

Service Providers

There are not-for-profit and for-profit agencies, businesses or organizations that deliver supports and services for people with disabilities. While creating your transition plan, don't limit your search to only the disability community. There are organizations and agencies in the greater community that provide services and supports like employment supports, skills training, community living supports, and respite care.

The Arc of New Jersey
Community Access Unlimited